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Nov 14, 2016 | 1:49 AM EST

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Naruto Online follows the original story of the anime series, at the same time it features five brand-new characters, each with their own different element: earth, water, fire, wind, and lightning.

The player can choose to become one of these 5 characters and will then start his or her adventure, gaining experience by completing or participating in a variety of different types of quests and gameplay modes. The player can also recruit familiar ninjas from the series such as Naruto, Sasuke and Sakura to build his or her own team.

1. Based entirely on the Naruto Anime Story Line
Naruto Online currently features 9 chapters of the Naruto storyline for players to go through and explore, featuring all the familiar locations such as the Village Hidden in the Sand and the Valley of the End.
Details such as the original voices of the characters and in-game usage of the series’ scenes will make Naruto fans instantly familiar with game, entering the world they know from the series

2. Establish your own Ninja Team
Player can recruit their favorite ninjas and fight together with them. All of the ninjas are modelled after characters from the series so as to seamlessly fit in the game world.

3. Combo Fighting System
Match the ninjas in your team, making use of the Naruto Bonds-system which can greatly enhance your team’s fighting abilities and manifest awesome combos.

4. Gameplay Modes
From singleplayer mode to multiplayer dungeons, giant Worldboss battles and battlefields, Naruto features tons of ways of gaining EXP, obtaining new items and equiment while enhancing your characters and their outfit on the way.

5. Ready to play right away
No downloads required, users can create an account in under a minute and start playing right away.



Rated 3 / 5 stars

This is an okay Naruto RPG game. Graphics are excellent, and the story is all about Nauto. Gameplay is mostly pressing accept mission button, and it does feel like the game plays itself at times. This game does have a Pay to Win vibe, and that lowers the overall quality.


Rated 5 / 5 stars

im playing this for kicks


Rated 4 / 5 stars

For the people wondering how to connect the NG account to the OASIS account, click the logo for the OASIS site, then click the Naruto game. You should see you're logged in with an account looking something like this: ........@.... Hoover over it and click on User Center, there you should be able to see your profile. There should be an option to link the account where u just give an email and a password. And there u go, u can now log in with that account in the mini-client.

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Rated 5 / 5 stars

is there any wy i can transfer my NG account to the mini-client? TIA

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Rated 2.5 / 5 stars

I'm primarily writing this just due to how this game advertises itself. It pisses me off and is the reason why I refuse to even play this game. I'm sorry but it's true. I do not care if this game is "Good" or "Bad" to those that do or did play it. The game false advertises itself a lot. Some of you might be wondering "How are they false advertising?" Well, how about using modded game footage from existing Bandai Namco Naruto games? More specifically, using Naruto Storm 3 if I'm not mistaken. Now the overall introduction ad while using a modded cinematic cutscene from the game was fine, annoying but fine. It wasn't so much that, rather the point when they started using gameplay from the game as if it's the primary focus of gameplay for this game, only to find out that it's in no way is. I seen that a lot on places like Facebook and Twitter, it's not right to trick people thinking it's gonna look like one game, when you're getting something different. I've went to gameplay videos to see how people think of this game, overall people seem to enjoy it for what it is, but people do lash out on how these people got into playing this game, primarily to the lazy ads. If the ads were more truthful to what the game really is from the beginning, I'd have no problems with this game, may of even given it an honest chance. But I can't give that kind of a chance if the marketing wasn't so deceiving. If by chance you do enjoy the game, that's fine, you have more of a say to this game than I do. But all I'll ask is if you understand where I'm coming from. If I offered you an "Apple Pie," but only end up giving you an Apple, you'd feel bad for being lied to even if I given you a tasty sweet snack, right? To me, that's Naruto Online. It offers the pie to everyone, but it gives only Apples.

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